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Name:Uchiha Sasuke
Birthdate:Jul 23
This is a roleplay journal for the character Uchiha Sasuke from Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. It is not to be taken seriously.

Muse is 16+, mun is 18+.
-Different canon points and AUs all available.
-Because of Sasuke's general display of disinterest in females throughout the series, mun prefers playing him as homo- or asexual by default. However, mun has nothing against m/f shipping, and exceptions can definitely be made! Expect it to be a bit of a challenge (plot- and/or CR-wise) to make it happen, though.
-Whether it's canon mates, cross-canon, cross-medium, OCs, whatever: mun is always OTA for gen stuff.
-Mun is particularly fond of difficult and triggery subjects (and kinks, where such things are applicable). Don't fear me because I'm creepy, plot with me instead. <3

If your muse(s) have interacted with him, you may or may not have noticed that Sasuke can be a difficult character to catch the interest of, and can be insensitive or even a bit insane at times. Well, hello, my name is Judith, and I'm mouthy and bubbly and love everyone, even if I'm shy most of the time. I'm a writer who enjoy interesting characterizations and settings. I'm not Sasuke. I guess I just want to give a reminder that the mun and muse's feelings are by no means necessarily the same at any given time.

Let's have fun together! o/
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